Energy Data Spaces

A central feature of the energy transition is the change from centralized structures to a decentralized system with numerous plants for renewable power generation. The generation from these wind energy and photovoltaic plants is weather-dependent, creating a significant need for information and communication in the energy system. Through Data Spaces, data can be provided decentrally by different actors for all kinds of use cases. Data owners can sovereignly decide to whom they grant access and under which conditions.

Our Services:


On your journey to enter the Energy Data Spaces, we support you with

  • Consulting on the use of Data Spaces in the energy industry.
  • Onboarding of data and processes in Data Spaces.
  • Implementation of use cases and applications in Data Spaces.
  • Development of studies and concepts for the implementation of digital sovereignty through data spaces in the energy industry.

Your Benefits:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs through cross-organizational data use.
  • Maintain digital sovereignty of data owners through decentralized data storage and machine-readable terms of use.
  • Generate added value from applications within digital value networks with high stakeholder diversity.
  • Facilitate access to data and thus further expand the data infrastructure in the energy sector.
  • Contribute to technological sovereignty and flexibility in the energy sector through interoperable cloud applications​.

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