Progress report on the digitalisation of the energy system 2023

February 2024

Digitalisation is a highly relevant key process for the transformation of the energy system - details of this were researched by the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence CINES in 2022 and summarised in 14 theses.

The 2023 progress report, which examines the further development of the digitalisation of the energy system, can be downloaded here.


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Ariadne-Backgroud: Challenges in the Digitalization of the Energy Supply

November 2022

© Kopernikus-Projekt Ariadne

The smart meter (intelligent metering system) is a central element of the German digitalization strategy for implementing the energy transition. To date, only a small part of metering locations in Germany have been equipped with such a system. The underlying reasons for the expansion gap are explained here.


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Thesis Study: The Digital Transformation of the Energy System - 14 Theses for Success

September 2022

Based on 14 theses on the digitalization of the energy system, the report derives recommendations for action and messages for policymakers. Key areas are data economy, sector coupling, system communication, digitalized grid operation and cyber security.


Management Summary

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ENTEC Study: Digitalisation of Energy Flexibility

May 2022

© European Union

This report addresses topics concerning the energy transition and focuses on potential (digital) solutions to enable an electricity system based on renewable energy.


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