Global Hydrogen Analysis

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Green hydrogen plays an important role in the energy transition as it is a clean and emission-free fuel and thus an alternative to fossil fuels. Particularly in areas such as transport and industry, hydrogen can replace fossil fuels and thus contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, hydrogen can serve as an energy storage medium, as it can be converted to electrical energy in fuel cells.

At CINES, we address the entire hydrogen value chain: production, transport, and use.  A particular focus of our research is on the global hydrogen economy - we carry out transformation studies for various countries and identify potential for cooperation.




Global Analysis

Are you interested in a hydrogen national study or would you like to identify potential for cooperation with other regions? We have expertise and established contacts in Argentina, Chile, Australia, the MENA region and many other countries.


Hydrogen Cooperation (MENA Region)

Thanks to their large renewable energy generation potentials, the countries of the MENA region are among the world's most promising locations for the production of blue, turquoise and green hydrogen. Cooperation with the MENA region along the hydrogen value chain is becoming increasingly important.



What role can hydrogen play in the CO2-neutral energy system? How can it contribute to the operation of the system? The experts at Fraunhofer CINES have addressed these questions and presented the results in the form of a hydrogen story.

To Hydrogen-Story (in German).


Here you can download the scientific background and the policy overview »Hydrogen in a CO2-neutral energy system« (in German).