Communal Energy Planning

The research activity »Communal Energy Planning« simulates for municipal utilities and municipal companies how the energy system and thus the infrastructure requirements must change in order to achieve the climate targets. The influence of this development on network customers and their energy requirements are visualized. This enables distribution network operators and municipal utilities to plan for the energy network of the future and receive detailed and regionalized support for the development of their integrated network infrastructures.

Our Services:


  • Services for local players, such as municipal utilities, municipalities and distribution system operators.
  • Studies with relevant insights into the regional implementation of the national energy transition.
  • Softwaretoolbox with different modelling tools for cross-sector analysis of buildings, energy infrastructures, and the overall sector-coupled system.

A particular focus of the dimension is on local actors. In doing so, we will support the transformation of the energy system to achieve the climate targets.


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