On-Site Systems

The transformation of the energy system requires a rapid expansion of renewables and, at the same time, the activation of flexibility options to integrate renewables despite their volatility - both at the local grid level and in the overall energy system.


On-site systems, e.g. for mixed-use and residential neighborhoods or multi-apartment buildings, represent a solution option that addresses renewable expansion and flexibility needs while creating added value for the residents themselves: Focusing on renewables ensures that the energy needed is generated sustainably and in close proximity. By connecting subsystems (heat and electricity consumption or generation) locally and coordinating the operation of these components together, energy surpluses and deficits can be balanced locally and across sectors.

Our Services:

  • Simulation of real existing and planned neighborhoods and energy communities in terms of energy production and consumption as well as the use of flexibility options.
  • Investigation of use cases and resulting incentive signals for on-site supply:
    • Self-supply optimization
    • Grid support
    • Interaction with higher-level energy markets
  • Evaluation of feedbacks to the higher-level energy system and, in general, the design of the regulatory framework for on-site systems.
  • Conceptual design and implementation of forecast-based operation management concepts and algorithms for on-site systems and the control of local flexibility options (e.g. charging management of e-vehicles, control of heat pumps).


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