Power Electronics

Power electronics ensures an increase in efficiency in the industrial, mobility and heating sectors, with power converters serving to connect renewable energies, sector coupling and the connection of storage systems and consumers. For this reason, power electronics is considered an indispensable key technology for the successful implementation of the energy transition at national and international level. Further developments in power converter technology are thus a necessary prerequisite for the energy transition.

We can make a decisive contribution here. Our work focuses on grid-connected converter systems and deals with system and converter-related issues.



Our Services:


  • Highly dynamic simulation of electrical systems on offline and real-time systems to replicate customer problems and as a basis for finding solutions.
  • Control of grid-forming inverters and testing their operation, to highlight practical problems and develop practical solutions.
  • Reliability of power electronics, to minimize resources used over the lifetime.
  • Power electronics for hydrogen production and heat pumps for the development of grid-supporting operating behavior.

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Selected Projects: