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The focus of the Cluster of Excellence CINES is on the central technological and economic challenges of the energy transition.  


The goal is the system and market integration of high shares of of variable renewables into the energy system. To this end, we at CINES conduct analyses of a wide variety of systems, research and develop essential technologies, and develop solutions for the successful communication of the energy transition. Furthermore, we are very active in the field of science-based policy consulting.


At CINES we work across institutes to develop solutions for the energy system transformation - comprehensive, cross-sectoral energy systems analysis, digital solutions for the energy transition, as well as decisive advances in electrolysis, power electronics, heat and successful communication of the energy transition.


EU Green Deal Assessment

The path of least resistance misses the EU climate target. Experts identify hidden risks and opportunities.



National Fuel Cell Production Action Plan




The H2GO project bundles the activities of 19 Fraunhofer institutes with the aim of significantly reducing CO2 emissions in heavy-duty mobility.


District and process heat supply by heat pumps as a replacement for coal combustion




The project deals with technical and economic barriers that currently prevent the widespread use of large-scale heat pumps.


A Technical and Socio-Economic Assessment


Clean Hydrogen Deployment in the Europe-MENA Region from 2030 to 2050




On-Site Systems as A Flexible Component in the Energy System


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A Cluster of Excellence is structured across locations and combines the research focus areas from different institutes together. The sustainable and intense cooperation enables the long-term and institutionalized development of systematic and technological solutions for the energy system.


These include:

Fraunhofer ISE, IEE, ISI, IEG and IWES as well as partner institutes IOSB-AST, IBP, SCAI, FIT and IFAM.