Energy Systems Analysis

In the course of the transformation from an energy system based on fossil fuels towards a decarbonized energy system, all elements of energy conversion and use must be considered and all energy sources and consumption sectors must be included. Energy system analysis enables a deep understanding of the energy system to provide an increasing interconnection of the different components of the energy system.

Our Services:


  • Modeling of total energy systems. Our models enable powerful and high-resolution analyses for the industry, heat and mobility sectors.
  • Development of visualization tools for the state of the German energy transition and visualization of the transformation of the German energy system.
  • Path analysis towards climate neutrality. In this context, we deal with the questions of the integration of renewable energies and the role of hydrogen in the future energy system.
  • Development of a comprehensive database on the German and European energy system.
  • Pooling of expertise from various Fraunhofer Institutes and combined use of different models.

The analyses are primarily aimed at policy makers and decision makers at national and EU level, but also at major players in the energy industry (TSOs, utilities, BNetzA, etc.).


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Selected Projects: