METIS 3-Study: The impact of industry transition on a CO2-neutral European energy system

June 2023

© European Commission

The impact of industrial transition on a CO2-neutral European energy system. The study analyzes in particular the role of electrification and hydrogen in terms of CO2 reduction.


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Study: Clean Hydrogen Deployment in the Europe-MENA Region from 2030 to 2050 – A Technical and Socio-Economic Assessment

April 2023

Assessment of the technical feasibility and socio-economic aspects of the EU's REPowerEU target of producing, importing and transporting 20 million tons of clean hydrogen by 2030. Six MENA countries (»Middle East and North Africa«) are seen as key players for the realization of the REPowerEU import target.


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Feasibility Study: Development and Expansion of an Efficient Hydrogen Transportation Network in Brandenburg

February 2023

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The study aims to develop an overarching hydrogen network in Brandenburg that connects regional hydrogen producers, storage facilities and end users and is integrated into a Germany-wide hydrogen infrastructure.


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HYPAT Working Paper: Price-Elastic Hydrogen Demand in Germany

February 2023

© HyPat

The aim of this paper is to develop and apply a method for creating a long-term price-elastic demand for hydrogen for Germany up to 2045.


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Ariadne Analysis: Hydrogen and the Energy Crisis - Five Key Issues

September 2022

© Kopernikus-Projekt Ariadne

Due to the sharp decline and uncertain future of pipeline-based natural gas supplies from Russia, new market conditions for fossil gas are currently emerging in Germany. This analysis discusses the availability and competitiveness of green hydrogen.


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ENTEC Report: The role of renewable H2 import & storage to scale up the EU deployment of renewable H2

Februar 2022

© European Union

In diesem Paper sollen die Versorgungslücken und mögliche Optionen für kosteneffiziente Importe von erneuerbaren Wasserstoff- und Verkehrsträgern, angesichts der großen Vielfalt potenzieller Versorgungsszenarien, beurteilt werden.


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Fraunhofer Study: H2 Master Plan for Eastern Germany

May 2021

This master plan analyzes the opportunities and challenges of sustainably produced hydrogen in the new federal states and shows which measures should be taken in the coming years to implement a sustainable hydrogen economy.


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