Progress report on the digitalisation of the energy system 2023 published

Digitalisation is a highly relevant key process for the transformation of the energy system - details of this were researched by the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence CINES in 2022 and summarised in 14 theses. The 2023 progress report, which examines the further development of the digitalisation of the energy system, was published today.

In 2023, political and regulatory changes in the digital energy industry were analysed and evaluated in collaboration with practice partners from the energy industry. The progress report shows the progress of digitalisation and discusses the need for action and potential for further development. Important findings are:

  • Positive progress has been made, for example, through legal and regulatory innovations such as Section 14a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) or the Act to Restart the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition (GNDEW).
  • There is a lack of an integrative vision - such a vision could provide more clarity and orientation for the digitalisation of the energy system in Germany and Europe.
  • In order to better identify gaps, the need for action and positive progress, a common understanding of the orientation and alignment towards digitalisation is required.

To achieve this, it is necessary, among other things, to create a vision of the future that guides action, to improve the communicative translation and comprehensibility of regulatory changes, to build up expertise for technological solutions, e.g. for necessary cyber resilience and critical infrastructures, and to make investments in order to have more financial resources available for the digitalisation of the energy system transformation.